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How Link Cloaking Works

Most people don't really understand how link cloaking actually works, so this page is

dedicated to helping you to understand the basic concepts of cloaking.

Types of cloaking

Java Scripts

Some of the most common forms of cloaking are done through the use of javascripts to hide

or disguise your link info that is displayed in the browser's taskbar when you "mouse over" the

link text.

This is pretty effective for eliminating the "bare link display" problem in the task bar of your

browser, however this method has some drawbacks.

Some of the drawbacks are:

  • Many times the javascript will only work with Internet Explorer
  • A viewer can simply view your page source and get all your link info
  • Your visitor must have java script enabled on his browser, or it won't work

Re-Direct Method

This is the most effective type of link cloaking and the method used by any quality

cloaking tool.

This is done by creating a "re-direct" page. A re-direct page is a web page that

contains an invisible frame inside the main viewing window.

Think of this invisible frame as another web browser window. Or a browser window

inside a browser window.

Huh? I know, it sounds confusing! Let me try to clarify this with an example:

Let's say that your affiliate link is

When you click on this link, your web browser opens up the destination page in your

browser window and you see all its content displayed on that web page.

Now let's say that you have created a re-direct page on your website, and you named

your re-direct page "Cloaker.html". When you open "Cloaker.html", you are viewing

the web page from inside your own web site.

For example:

Framed inside your browser window, is another window that is pointed to which is displayed inside the main

browser window.

All the content from the target page "" is being displayed inside

your web page at "".

Everything you're looking at appears to be located on your own web site even though

it is really coming directly from your merchant's site.

Now you might be thinking "Won't the merchant be angry if you're disguising the link

to his/her web page?" I have to say that I have NEVER seen a merchant object to

getting referrals to his/her web site along with the sales that follow.

The bottom line is that you are sending them traffic and generating sales for their

product(s) at your own expense and effort.

They are certainly not going to complain about a cloaked link, unless they have a

screw loose or something. In that case you're better off without them.

With a re-direct page, everything looks the same. All the content from your target site

is displayed exactly as it would be as if you clicked on the bare link itself. The actual

link is completely cloaked. In this example the "address bar" would show

No-Frames Re-Direct Pages

Re-Direct pages can also be created with PHP or ASP scripting without using frames.

These re-directs relay you straight to the destination site and you leave the originating

site altogether.

Their page is not displayed inside your own web page, nor does it give the illusion that it is

part of your web site. If you don’t like the idea of your merchant’s product page appearing to

be a part of your own website, this could be a good alternative.

The AmazingCloaker supports this feature as well.

In either case, you would now you simply replace your bare affiliate link in your

product web page to your cloaked link, ie - ""

This works because your affiliate info is already embedded inside your re-direct page

source code.

Also, in this example the status bar would display

"" when you mouse over your new link.

The AmazingCloaker encrypts your affiliate link in the source code of the re-direct

page for extra security.

Plus you get the added bonus of using the "auto cookie". This allows you to cookie

your visitor even if he/she bypasses your affiliate link and goes straight to the vendor

site. Now you will still receive credit for the referral!

As a result, you have the peace of mind that your links are secure, your conversions

are increasing, and your merchant is happy because he/she is not losing your referred

traffic because of other ineffective or flawed cloaking methods.

To see what a cloaked re-direct page generated by AmazingCloaker looks like, just

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